18 December, 2013

Popup Window using jquery

Hi Folks,

You can use below code for modal popup using jquery :

Floating window using jQuery


You can use below code for floating window and can modify as per your requirement :

10 December, 2013

See lucene Index

I have found out the way where you can actually look at the index files and figure out what are fields in index of Lucene.  

14 November, 2013

When to use Hook ?

Hooks are the most powerful plugin provided by liferay which can be used for customizing Liferay’s core features.
We can definitely use EXT plugin which can be achieved by Hook plugin but for best practices, we should use hook plugin as it is hot-deployable and also easy for upgradation/migration process.

Useful AlloyUI functions

  • AUI().ready(fn): This function will execute after the HTML in the page has finished loading. Portlets loaded via AJAX cannot be included here

  • Liferay.Portlet.ready(fn): This function will execute after each portlet on the page has loaded. The callback receives two parameters:portletId and nodeportletId is the ID of the portlet that was just loaded. node is the Alloy Node object of the same portlet.

  • Liferay.on(‘allPortletsReady’, fn): This function will execute after everything else (including AJAX portlets) has finished loading.

21 September, 2013

Useful Expando Service Methods

Hello Friends,

Below are some expando service methods which can be frequently useful if you are playing with expando tables.

17 September, 2013

Devcon 2013 : Liferay Developer Conference

Hello Everybody,

I am sure you would have heard about the Devcon from LIFERAY community members or any Liferay members. Devcon is going to held in Berlin on 9-10 OCT.

05 September, 2013

Liferay migration experience

Hello Friends,

If you would have worked on any liferay migration project then you would have better understanding that which kind of difficulties and problems you might faced.
So If you have worked on any Liferay migration projects and have any tricks and best solutions, just share your experience and knowledge over here. This will be really helpful to all LIFERAY community members to get all necessary information at one place.

Liferay Certification Program

Hi Folks,

Finally long waiting ends for all liferay geeks.
LIFERAY has launched certification program which would be really good initiative by LIFERAY.
Hope it will be really helpful to all users, vendors ,clients and partners.

04 September, 2013

Site accessibility with ARIA

I know i am bit late to get this information but yes this is very interesting and useful stuff which needs to know.

01 August, 2013


oData is a protocol based on AtomPub and REST.OData builds on core protocols like HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies like REST. It’s designed to define the standard way of communication to a web service.

24 July, 2013

Liferay Bloggers

Hello Liferay Folks,

I just want to put some good liferay bloggers with their blog links and name with www.liferaysolution.com.
So if you thing you are good liferay bloggers and want to list out your blog links with your name, just put your comment here and i will put you in best bloggers section.

08 July, 2013

Liferay Portal Performance Best Practices

It's really good to get chance to review this book and it was really great experience to get something interesting stuff(called application performance) which is very useful for every liferay projects.

21 June, 2013

IPC using public render parameter

In my past post we have seen how to do IPC with evenaction see here.
No we will see IPC using public render parameter.

This is the very firstly introduced and simple way to achieve IPC given by JSR-286.

11 June, 2013

Reject action/serveResource url

If you are getting below error during any action/serveresource URL call ,

"Reject serveResource/processAction for http://localhost.sapient.com:8080/web/guest/home on mysample_WAR_mysample"

09 June, 2013

Column 3-1 layout

Use below tpl code to generate Above Liferay Layout :

07 June, 2013

Responsive Design Using Media Query

I am not expert in UI designing but today I just take one task to make theme responsive and i dig lots of theme code for how to make responsive design using media query and I found many useful articles which i really want to share here.

1) http://www.javascriptkit.com/dhtmltutors/cssmediaqueries3.shtml
2) http://www.html5rocks.com/en/mobile/mobifying/
3) http://developer.android.com/reference/android/webkit/WebView.html
4) http://www.css3.info/preview/media-queries/

28 May, 2013

Language Label in Native Locale

We have seen in every site with different language transformation section.
So here you would have noticed that every language labels coming into their native locale.
If you want to get language label in native locale in liferay, just use below code in java class or theme to get it work :

In Java Class :

25 May, 2013

Custom Bullet in amChart

If you want to add your own custom bullete in amChart as shown in below image, just try to use below code:

Balloon in amChart

If you wan to change balloon text and look and feel in amchart as shown in below image , just use below code.

Legend in amChart

If you want to add legend in your graph as shown in below image, just try to use below code :

24 May, 2013

Custom Label For ValueAxis and CategoryAxis : amChart

Use below code to generate custom label for valueaxis :
Here we uses line chart

16 May, 2013

Spring MVC Portlet AJAX call using Resource URL

You can follow below steps to make AJAX call using resource URL

  1. Create Spring MVC portlet 
  2. In view.jsp write below code to generate resource URL    
    • <portlet:resourceURL var='myInfo' id='myInfo' />
  3. Write AJAX call scriptin view.jsp

02 April, 2013

SOAP Webservice

Stay tune for more detail.....Article will be published very soon !!!

29 March, 2013

SpeedUP Liferay Application

Here is some bench marks which can increase your system performance :

Please see below details which can be taken care for Liferay performance benchmark.

1) First step to increase performance is hardware configuration.
So Hardware Configuration as per Liferay 6.1 EE Performance Whitepaper

19 March, 2013

HashMap sorting

I know this is not related to Liferay... But it can be useful to you guys for java programming...
As we know that hash map doesnt allow duplicate value with the same key name... But if you want to sort the map by values instead of key, below is the code which can be useful...

07 March, 2013


Hello Friends,

Do you know the use of Beanshell script which is coming up with Liferay control panel ?
If you go to Liferay control panel >> Server Administration section,
there is one tab available to run the bean shell script directly . See below screen shot

Solr integration with Liferay 6.1

If you want to setup solr with liferay and want to use solr as a search engine,
Guys you can follow below steps:

Its very quick and simple, Just try ....

Embed search in theme and redirect

As we know that we can simply embed search in theme which is mentioned in  http://www.liferaysolution.com/2011/12/embed-search-and-web-content-search.html

But If you want to embed search in theme and want to redirect on specific fix community page then you may need some modification and can use below code in you theme .vm file :

01 February, 2013

Implementing a Job Application Form

 By Phillipa Thomson

If you have ever been asked for a way to collect data from the user of your Liferay Portal, you almost always have to start a new software development project and as a result, it is a costly exercise. Such costs rise sharply when the online facility has to have multiple fields, multiple pages, file attachments, complex validation rules and dependencies (show/hide group of fields, depending on user selection).

29 January, 2013

How actionurl and renderurl works ?

If you are beginner and not much familiar with the action URL and render URL, Here is the information.

Liferay portlet will have only one portlet controller class which you might have already configured in portlet.xml. Based on your render url or action url , you process or render action will be triggered .

24 January, 2013

Liferay Consumer Survey

Hi All,
As apart of  LIUG members here we have a chance for CE user to present give feedback to Liferay
Please fill this survey and ask other LIUG members to fill this survey ASAP


21 January, 2013

User service in webcontent template

If you want to get list out user data in liferay web content template, use just below velocity template code in web content template and get work out :

 ## Don't forget to set journal.template.velocity.restricted.variables=
 ## in portal-ext.properties; in other words, set it to nothing to unset the restriction.

#set ($userLocalService= $serviceLocator.findService("com.liferay.portal.service.UserLocalService"))
#set ($userId = $getterUtil.getLong($request.remote-user))
#set($user = $userLocalService.getUserById($userId))

02 January, 2013

Liferay Plugin-SDK Details

Plugin-SDK comes into picture after Liferay 4.X version.
Liferay introduced very nice idea for hot deployment of plugins. Later versions added more features and new types in plugins.

Currently there are six types of plugins:
  • Portlets
  • Themes
  • Layout Templates
  • Web Modules
  • Hooks
  • EXT

01 January, 2013

Liferay MVC Portlet

During the render phase of the portlet lifecycle, the Liferay MVC Portlet also looks for a specific render parameter named jspPage.

The jspPage value should be a valid jsp page, including the path. ex. jspPage = “/html/showEditPublisher.jsp”
If jspPage is defined within the renderRequest, then the portlet will dispatch to the jspPage directly.

This means that if you're creating portlet whose sole purpose is to display data, you don't necessarily need to ever create a portlet class, the included com.liferay.util.bridges.mvc.MVCPortlet class provides all the portlet functionality you need and you're free to spend your time developing the view layer of your application.

Portlet Modes

If you know about portlet lifecycle then you would be aware about the portlet modes as well.
Here I have tried to list out the important modes which can be use by portlet.
Each portlet has a current mode, which indicates the function the portlet is performing.
All Java Standards compliant portals must support the
  • View
  • Edit  
  • Help.
Portlet modes are defined in the portlet.xml file.
Custom modes may be created by developers.

Portlet Characteristics

Portlets characteristics that make them different from Servlets
    • Portlet Modes
    • Window States
    • Portlet Preferences
    • Standard Inter Portlet Communication (IPC)
    • Public render parameters
    • Events
    • Resource Serving
    • AJAX support
    • Binary data support
    • Portlet Filters

Java standards portlet


  • There are two JSR standards that govern portal/portlet behavior.
  • JSR-168 is the Portlet 1.0 Specification.
  • It was created out of a need to have a specification for displaying multiple applications on the same page.
  • JSR-286 is the Portlet 2.0 Specification which retains backwards
  • compatibility with 1.0 (JSR-168) portlets.
  • Adds new features based on the experience of the different portal vendors.
  • The portlet specification defines the life cycle of a portlet as well as its characteristics.

Core Architecture :
  • The core architecture will be the same across Java Standard compliant portals.
  • Portlets written to the standard will run on all compliant portlet containers.
Documentation :
  • The Portlet Specification will not change, and you can reliably refer to it for information.
  • Standard Portlet API for developers.

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