12 October, 2015

Liferay 7 - New Look

Hello Friends,

Here its some new looks which you will be able to see in up coming version of Liferay. Yeahhh It's Liferay 7

Trailer :

07 October, 2015

Liferay & Lexicon


Hope you would have read the latest blog posted by Jorge (Here) from Liferay that Liferay release alpha one version of Liferay 7.
You may have heard that Liferay comes up with Lexicon framework for new look. Yeah Lexicon is new Liferay Experience Language.

Lexicon is a new design language designed to be fluid and extensible while providing a complete collection of visual and interaction patterns. It has been created by Liferay's UX team to create outstanding user experiences on top of Liferay. Liferay 7 includes an implementation of Lexicon as an extension of the Bootstrap framework.

You would see below component and more where lexicon framework have been applied:
Web content
Dynamic data list
Recycle Bin
Image Selector

See trailer of look and feel here :

Take deep breath and wait for the Liferay 7 amazing new enhancement and implementation which will surly amaze everyone including me :)

See more componenets here :

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