30 April, 2012

Use of structure and template (Video Portlet)

Here I have try to put information as simple as possible.
Here you will see how we can use structure and template in web content.

To understand the use of structure and template we will take example of video playing functionality.
 Structure will be useful to upload the video and  template would be responsible to display the content in specific format.

26 April, 2012

Read parameter value from URL

In Liferay portlet you can not directly read parameter from URL using http request.
So for that you can use below code to read the parameter value.

You can read URL parameter value for below different situation in liferay :

Display web content in JSP Page

In many liferay projects we are having a requirement to fetch web content and show as per specific location.
If you are thinking to display web content in JSP page, just 2-3 steps far you are :

portal-ext.properties :

no.actical.text=No Article Exists with this name.

Read portal-ext.properties value in VM file

If you want to read  portal-ext.properties file in  VM template, just follow below steps :

your.key1=Your Value

17 April, 2012

Use of liferay-ui:search-toggle - with Basic or Advanced Search

Hello Guys,
I met with a interesting scenario, I was using <liferay-ui:search-toggle> tag, and my requirement was to show only advanced search and no basic search.
But by default <liferay-ui:search-toggle> will show basic search unless and until user clicks the advanced search at least once. I tried all possible ways and finally found the solution, this what i did to make my <liferay-ui:search-toggle> show only "Advanced Search" without "Basic" search toggle link.

So what we need to do is,

06 April, 2012

Pagination in Liferay

If you are looking solution  for pagination in Liferay 6.1,
Follow below steps to create pagination in liferay.

05 April, 2012

Theme with left navigation

Hello Members,

I have a theme with left navigation which is developed in Liferay 6.0.6 .

Features :
=> Left navigation
=> Also In this theme header and footer is dynamic it mean if you want to change header and footer then you only have to make change in web content and it getting affected in existing theme.
=> Main navigation is also dynamic and coming from web content using  structure and template which would be very easy to make amendment.

03 April, 2012

Who is using Liferay ?

If you want to know who is using liferay,

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