20 February, 2012

Create account URL in velocity template

Hi Everyone,

If you want to generate Create account URL in velocity file , you can use below code :

14 February, 2012

Why Liferay is best enterprise portal ?

  1. Liferay has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to its competitors starting with its licensing and getting it up and running through development costs, operational costs, and training/support costs (from the perspective of infrastructure, developers, administrators, and end users).

13 February, 2012

Window state in velocity template

If you want to change the window state property in velocity file then you can use below code to change that :

01 February, 2012

Community (Site) vs. Organization

Community Organization
  • The users of the portal do not fit in any hierarchy. They are like an ad-hoc group of people and join or leave the group at any point of time.
  • The users of the portal fit in some sort of hierarchy like the Company-Department-Team
  • There is some function or area of interest which cuts across the entire structure of the portal.
  • When a user and the group has very tight coupling, for example, the user cannot join or leave the group at his/her will very easily.
  • When you have some kind of delegation chain in the hierarchy.
  • When you want the admin of the group to manage the member's profile.

Virtual Hosting

Follow the below steps to make virtual hosting :
  • Download and install the latest version of Apache. This would start Apache as
    a service.
  • Navigate to conf folder inside Apache, which has a file called httpd.conf.
  • Open the file and uncomment the following line:   LoadModule proxy_module modules/mod_proxy.so

openoffice integration

In Liferay, we have an option of integrating Open Office. This is especially useful to convert
documents from one format to another.

  1. For doing this, we need OpenOffice installed, and the service started. Get the latest version of OpenOffice and install it.

liferay portal architecture

This diagram is a pictorial representation of the Liferay Portal Architecture. The outer square
box represents a portal which is a physical Portal Instance. We can extract the following facts
from the diagram:

Main features of Liferay

Liferay Portal has award-winning features. It's hot-deployable themes, draggable-and droppable portlets, and fine-grained permissions system, among others, make it an optimal choice among other portal products on the market.

Theme and layout

Liferay Portal themes take care of most of the look-and-feel of a Liferay Portal application. A theme usually contains a company logo, a navigation bar, footer, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)code, and JavaScript code. A Liferay Portal site can have multiple themes. In this way, a user with proper permissions can dynamically apply a different theme to each portal page, if he/she chooses to do so.

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