14 November, 2013

When to use Hook ?

Hooks are the most powerful plugin provided by liferay which can be used for customizing Liferay’s core features.
We can definitely use EXT plugin which can be achieved by Hook plugin but for best practices, we should use hook plugin as it is hot-deployable and also easy for upgradation/migration process.

Useful AlloyUI functions

  • AUI().ready(fn): This function will execute after the HTML in the page has finished loading. Portlets loaded via AJAX cannot be included here

  • Liferay.Portlet.ready(fn): This function will execute after each portlet on the page has loaded. The callback receives two parameters:portletId and nodeportletId is the ID of the portlet that was just loaded. node is the Alloy Node object of the same portlet.

  • Liferay.on(‘allPortletsReady’, fn): This function will execute after everything else (including AJAX portlets) has finished loading.

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