27 June, 2014

Why AngularJS

Here we have some useful information regarding AngularJS :

1) MVC Implemetation
2) User Friendly Interface

24 June, 2014

Using Portlet Session in Liferay

Here is the sample example using login form that explains how to use PortletSession in liferay. In general PortletSession has default scope limited to Portlet which can be extended to APPLICATION_SCOPE by changing property.

Let us understand it using Login example.

Tabs Creation in Liferay

Here we are going to create multiple tabs where we can render JSP pages dynamically. Tabs can be created multiple way which are given below:

1: Using Liferay UI taglib:
Put below code in JSP file :

19 June, 2014

Custom Portlet Modes

Hi All,

If you are thinking to create own custom portlet mode with liferay and want to show in configuration wrench button, then its not OOB available with Liferay and cannot achieve using simply configuration.
Liferay supports below modes :

  1.   about
  2. config
  3. edit
  4. editDefaults
  5. editGuest
  6. help
  7. preview
  8. print
  9. view
But below tag is making bit confusion whether it's support of custom mode or not. So this is used for Liferay custom modes(editDefault,editGuest etc.) only. 


03 June, 2014

Build Application Using Liferay

Hello Everybody,

We knows that what and all can be build using Liferay framework but if I am a customer and I want to use Liferay as a platform to build my application so how it will benefits to them to select Liferay.
Please provide your inputs here :

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