28 May, 2013

Language Label in Native Locale

We have seen in every site with different language transformation section.
So here you would have noticed that every language labels coming into their native locale.
If you want to get language label in native locale in liferay, just use below code in java class or theme to get it work :

In Java Class :

25 May, 2013

Custom Bullet in amChart

If you want to add your own custom bullete in amChart as shown in below image, just try to use below code:

Balloon in amChart

If you wan to change balloon text and look and feel in amchart as shown in below image , just use below code.

Legend in amChart

If you want to add legend in your graph as shown in below image, just try to use below code :

24 May, 2013

Custom Label For ValueAxis and CategoryAxis : amChart

Use below code to generate custom label for valueaxis :
Here we uses line chart

16 May, 2013

Spring MVC Portlet AJAX call using Resource URL

You can follow below steps to make AJAX call using resource URL

  1. Create Spring MVC portlet 
  2. In view.jsp write below code to generate resource URL    
    • <portlet:resourceURL var='myInfo' id='myInfo' />
  3. Write AJAX call scriptin view.jsp

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