03 June, 2014

Build Application Using Liferay

Hello Everybody,

We knows that what and all can be build using Liferay framework but if I am a customer and I want to use Liferay as a platform to build my application so how it will benefits to them to select Liferay.
Please provide your inputs here :

I am putting some of the information whatever I have. You can also out your comment here if you have any extra information which can be helpful to the user,developer as well as vendors.

1) Intranet/Internet Portal Application
2) WCM (Web Content Management) based applications
3) Shopping Cart (By integrating third party e-commerce application)
4) E-learning Application
5) Multiple Site hosting from one instance
6) Site Hierarchy structure
7) Sites with Responsive layout
8) Micro-blogging site

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