07 March, 2013

Solr integration with Liferay 6.1

If you want to setup solr with liferay and want to use solr as a search engine,
Guys you can follow below steps:

Its very quick and simple, Just try ....

Setting up Solr Server on Tomcat :

•   Download apache-tomcat-7.0.34.zip and apache-solr-1.4.1.zip from Apache Mirrors.
•   Create one folder called solr-server under base directory.
•   Place and unzip above zip files in server directory.
•   Create data directory in solr-server directory. This data directory will contain all the index data. So make sure the free space available in this directory should be as per the estimated data size.
•    Now give full rights to all the folders under  solr-server directory.
•    Make changes in server.xml file if you want to change the default http port of tomcat server.
•    Copy SOLR_HOME/example/solr/apache-solr-1.4.1.war to SOLR_HOME/example/solr/solr.war
•    Copy SOLR_HOME/example/solr/solr.war file to TOMCAT_HOME/webapps directory.
      SOLR_HOME = /opt/jignesh/solr-server/apache-solr-1.4.1
      TOMCAT_HOME = /opt/jignesh/
•    Edit TOMCAT_HOME/bin/catalina.sh file and add below line before shell script code starts.
      export JAVA_OPTS=-Dsolr.solr.home='/opt/jignesh/server/apache-solr-1.4.1/example/solr'

•    Edit SOLR_HOME/example/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml file for setting solr index data directory.
      Update <dataDir> tag for setting data directory.
       <dataDir>${solr.data.dir: /opt/jignesh/server/data}</dataDir>
•    Start tomcat server from TOMCAT_HOME/bin/ and access the below URL.
      http://[IP ADDRESS]:[PORT]/solr

Configuration of solr-web plugin in Liferay :

•    Start the Tomcat server from Liferay Bundle.
•    Place .lpkg (i.e. 15187207_15857467_15857476.lpkg) file of solr-web plugin in tomcat’s deploy directory.
•    After solr-web plugin is deployed in Liferay, stop Liferay Tomcat server. Also stop the Solr Tomcat server which we have setup earlier on a separate tomcat instance.
•    Go to LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-7.0.27/webapps/solr-web/WEB-INF/conf directory.
•    Copy/replace schema.xml file to SOLR_HOME/example/solr/conf directory on Solr Server.
•    Now go to LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat-7.0.27/webapps/solr-web/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF on Liferay Server.
•    Edit solr-spring.xml file and update value of Solr Server IP Address and Port number as mentioned in below example.
<bean id="com.liferay.portal.search.solr.server.BasicAuthSolrServer" class="com.liferay.portal.search.solr.server.BasicAuthSolrServer">
<constructor-arg type="java.lang.String" value="http://[SOLR SERVER IP]:[PORT]/solr" />
•    After above changes are done, first start the Solr Tomcat Server.
•    After starting Solr Tomcat Server, Start Liferay Tomcat Server.
•    When Liferay Server starts successfully, follow below steps,
     o    Login with admin user
     o    Go to the Control Panel > Server > Server Administration.
     o    Click on Execute Button beside Reindex all search indexes.

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