01 February, 2013

Implementing a Job Application Form

 By Phillipa Thomson

If you have ever been asked for a way to collect data from the user of your Liferay Portal, you almost always have to start a new software development project and as a result, it is a costly exercise. Such costs rise sharply when the online facility has to have multiple fields, multiple pages, file attachments, complex validation rules and dependencies (show/hide group of fields, depending on user selection).

We've published a how-to use case for accepting Job Applications on your Liferay Portal. This how-to covers the new topics of:
* Generating PDFs based on form submission contents
* Sending emails, attaching pdf transformations and attachments

Link to a demo form: http://www.myoffice24x7.com/web/smartforms/solutions/job-application

Job Application view in Visual Designer: http://designer.smartforms.myoffice24x7.com/xload?path=https://github.com/myoffice24x7/smartforms-samples/raw/master/job-application/definition.xml&formName=Job%20Application

If you are a Small to Medium business using/intending to use Liferay Community Edition , we have a special discounted Liferay SmartForms all-in-one package. A further 25% reduction is offered to Not-For-Profit organisations and start-ups.

Philippa Thomson
General Manager

MyOffice 24x7 

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