05 September, 2013

Liferay Certification Program

Hi Folks,

Finally long waiting ends for all liferay geeks.
LIFERAY has launched certification program which would be really good initiative by LIFERAY.
Hope it will be really helpful to all users, vendors ,clients and partners.

Portal Administrators

Portal administrators are responsible for the front-end operation of the portal. They create the portal structure (e.g., Organizations, Sites, Roles) and content. They must also be familiar with all of the out-of-the-box functionality the portal provides.



Developers are responsible for creating and maintaining portal solutions. They extend Liferay Portal by customizing the portal framework and by deploying new functionality.


System Administrators

System administrators are responsible for the installation and maintenance of Liferay Portal. System Administrators configure the portal for maximum reliability and performance and are responsible for upgrading and patching the portal.

Once the audience is selected, the appropriate mastery level can be selected. In order of progression, the mastery levels are:
  • Liferay Certified Associate
  • Liferay Certified Professional
  • Liferay Certified Expert
The candidate must begin at the lowest level available (e.g., Liferay Certified Associate) for that certification before moving to the next level (e.g., Liferay Certified Professional).
You can get more information on http://www.liferay.com/services/certification

Cheers LIFERAY !!!!

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