07 September, 2012

Create users without email address

If you want to create user with out email address, just set below properties :

# Set this to false if you want to be able to create users without an email
# address. An email address will be automatically assigned to a user based
# on the property "users.email.address.auto.suffix".


# # Set the suffix of the email address that will be automatically generated
# for a user that does not have an email address. This property is not used
# unless the property "users.email.address.required" is set to false. The
 # autogenerated email address will be the user id plus the specified suffix.


# Input a class name that implements
# com.liferay.portal.security.auth.EmailAddressGenerator. This class will be
# called to generate an email address for a user that does not specify an
# email address. This class will only be used if the property
# "users.email.address.required" is set to false.


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