11 November, 2011

jQuery in liferay 6

Hi Everyone,
you will be aware that jquery plugin has been removed from LR 6 and alloyui has been integrated for gr8 UI.
So Still if you want to integrate jquery with liferay 6 then follow below steps :

1. Add jQuery into your portlet - put into portlet definition in liferay-portlet.xml given as below :

2. Sample code which will use jquery:
<input type="text" autocomplete="off" name="<portlet:namespace/>organizationName" id="<portlet:namespace/>organizationName"/>

var company = ['CIGNEX', 'Google Inc.', 'Microsoft Inc.'];
$( '#<portlet:namespace/>organizationName' ).autocomplete({
 source: orgs
And if you need for any style changes, then you may need to create associated CSS.

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