11 November, 2011

AlloyUI form submition

Here is the code to submit the form using ajax call within popup.

Liferay 5 with jQuery

Liferay 5 used jQuery, so, submitting form performed with using jQuery ajaxForm like:
<script type="text/javascript">
        function() {
            var form = jQuery(document.<portlet:namespace />myForm);
                    target: ".ui-dialog-content",
                    type: "POST",
                    beforeSubmit: function() {
                        document.getElementById('<portlet:namespace />myButton').disabled = true;
                    success: function() {

<form method="POST" action="<portlet:actionURL name="someAction"/>" name="<portlet:namespace />myForm">

<input id="<portlet:namespace />myButton" type="submit"/>


Liferay 6 with Alloy UI

Liferay 6 using AlloyUI which is based on YUI3, so, we can do ajax submit of form with using io-form plugin.
function showPopup() {
AUI().use('aui-dialog', 'aui-io', 'event-custom', 'io-form', function(A) {
        var dialog = new A.Dialog({
            title: 'Popup Title',
            centered: true,
            draggable: true,
            modal: true,
            buttons: [{
                text: 'Save',
                handler: function() {
                    var cfg = {
                        method: 'POST',
                        form: {
                            id: '<portlet:namespace/>myForm'
                        on: {
                            success: function(id, resp, args) {
                    var request = A.io('<%= actionURL %>', cfg);
        }).plug(A.Plugin.IO, {uri: '<%= someRenderURL.toString() %>'}).render();
Hope it will be useful !!!!!!!!

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