20 October, 2011

What's new in liferay 6.1 beta ?

  • Multiple Repository Mounting - including CMIS 1.0 Support
  • Unification of the Document Library and Image Gallery (Image gallery and document library combined into one called Documents and media)
  • Native support for storing videos and other media types
  • Robust content meta-data management
  • Establishing contextual relationships between content types (Related Assets) 
    • Enhanced staging support (including Branching, Versioning, and Rollback)
    • Dynamic Site and Page Templates
    • User Customizable Pages
    • User Defined Lists (Dynamic Data Lists)
    • Workflow-enabled Forms
    • Mobile Device Detection
    • Unified User Management
    • RESTful Web Services
    • OpenSocial 1.1 Support
    • Enhancements for Liferay IDE 1.4
    • More social networking and collaboration features  (too many to list!)
    • Better Scalability
    • Better Management and Monitoring
    • Better Documentation
    • Better Quality
    • ..."And There's More!"

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