04 October, 2011

Portlet Lifecycle

I know that this is very simple topics but might be most useful and necessary to understand :
Portlet Lifecycle

  • init() 
    • Initializes the Portlet
  •  processAction()
    •  process input from a user action.
  •  render()
    •  Renders the content output.
  •  destroy()
    •  Cleans up the portlet
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    •  serveResource()
      • Allows a portlet to serve a resource 
      • The serveResource() method can be used to implement AJAX
        use cases.
    • processEvent()
             Perform events triggered by other portlets. (IPC) 
    Apart from this it is also necessary to get basics about JAVA portlet specifications.
    you can  get good idea from http://developers.sun.com/portalserver/reference/techart/jsr168/pb_whitepaper.pdf

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