04 December, 2017

Login Authentication Solutions

Hello Friends,

This article will be helpful to you when you choose to customize login with various Liferay DXP supported authentication mechanism.
And this is almost common requirement for each implementations so I will provide all possible ways to customize login functionality based on my knowledge and provide solution.

1) Liferay OOB Login Customization
  • Custom Module implementation
2) Custom Authentication
  • Auto Login Basic Auth Header
  • Auto Login Request Header
  • Token Based SSO
  • Auto Login Request Parameter
3) SSO Login by Liferay supported SSO provider
  • Liferay + OpenSSO
  • Liferay + CAS
  • Liferay + NTLM
  • Liferay + LDAP
  • Liferay + OpenId
  • Liferay + Facebook (Facebook Connect)
  • Liferay + Google  (Google Authorization)
4) SAML Based SSO Login

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