11 November, 2016

Issues During 6.X to DXP migration

There are couple of common problem which we might facing during migration or upgration from 6.X to Liferay DXP.

We will discuss all possible items over here.

1) Module not showing active state in OSGi ?

If you have deployed your module and not showing active state then go to gogo shell and tun lb command to check status if its active or not and if its not active (Installed state) then run start <bundleid> to see detail why its not activate. most of the times it give some import export package issue which you might missed.

2)   Unresolved requirement: Require-Capability: osgi.extender; filter:="(&(osgi.extender=jsp.taglib)(uri=/custom.tld))"?

To resolve this issue you will have to add below stuff into bnd file to expose taglib
Provide-Capability: osgi.extender;osgi.extender="jsp.taglib";uri="/custom";version:Version="${Bundle-Version}"

3)   Issue During Spring MVC portlet migration to DXP ?

Main issue which I am able to see during Spring MVC portlet migration is, You will have to keep all the spring jars into portlet WEB-INF/lib folder and will have to comment out portal-dependency-jars property from liferay-plugin-package.properties file. Somehow it doesn't parce spring XMLs namespaces properly and giving issue during deployment.

3)   Wanted to see whats changes in AUI for DXP ?


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