20 September, 2016

Liferay DXP Setup

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Follow below steps to setup local Liferay DXP :

Below Tools and software are required to setup Liferay DXP in local machine  :
A.    JDK-8
B.    JPM
C.    Blade
D.    Liferay DXP (Tomcat bundle)
E.    Liferay Plugin-SDK

A. Install JDK-8
B. Install JPM

C. Install Blade 
Once you install JPM, just hit below command 
C:/jpm install com.liferay.blade.cli

D. Install Liferay DXP

 As you all aware that, Liferay DXP is paid version and should have customer account in liferay. If you already have purchased license then you would be able to download liferay-developer-studio-win-x64-3.0.0-ga1-201606202116.zip from your liferay account customer portal.

  • create folder in your local machine like C:/Jigs-DXP and extract  developer-studio-win-x64-3.0.0-ga1-201606202116.zip.
  • click on DeveloperStudioShortcut.exe to run developer studio which will ask you to setup workspace at the initial step where you can simply use default space like C:\Jigs-DXP\liferay-developer-studio\workspace.
  • Now you can create Liferay workspace by using below command : 
    • C:\Jigs-DXP\liferay-developer-studio\workspace>  blade init Jigs-DXP-WS
  • You can put your tomcat bundle inside Jigs-DXP-WS from C:\Jigs-DXP\liferay-developer-studio\workspace\liferay-workspace
  • You can also download com.liferay.portal.plugins.sdk-7.0-ga1-20160804222206210.zip if you are working on any migration project which may helpful to you to get it convert your plugins.
you can create your first plugin with below command :
 blade create -t mvcportlet -p com.liferay.docs.library -c LibraryPortlet my-library-project

E. Install IDE

You can create server the same way we were creating in 6.2 version but prior to that you must have to setup Liferay workspace project as shown in below snap

F. Configure Database and star the server

  • Please go through the root project (C:\Jigs-DXP\liferay-developer-studio\workspace\liferay-workspace\bundles\tomcat-8.0.32\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes) and  add the portal-ext.properties file and add the given below properties there.


  • Configure the same LiferayPool DB Jndi in server.xml/context.xml. Sample configuration are given below.

<Resource auth="Container" driverClassName="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"
        maxActive="100" maxIdle="30" maxWait="10000" name="jdbc/LiferayPool"
        password="lportal71" type="javax.sql.DataSource" url="jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE"
        username="lportal71" />

  • Copy ojdbc.jar/mysql.jar file inside the tomcat/lib/ext folder to load DB drivers.

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