09 March, 2016

OpenDJ + Liferay 6.2

Follow below steps to integrate OpenAM & OpenDJ with Liferay 6.2 :

Install OpenDJ :

2) Extract OpenDJ-3.0.0.zip and Click on setup .bat file to do a setup of OpenDJ

3) Click next and check mark the accept checkbox
4) Server Setting Screen :
FQHN : opendj.jignesh.com
LDAP listner port : 389
Administrator connection port : 4444
Root User DN: cn=Manager
password : test

5) Click next and dont modify anything in Topology options

6) In Directory Data screen :
Dont make any change in Backend type
Directory Base DN : dc=jignesh,dc=com
select import automatically generated sample data option

7) Click next and dont make any change in run time option

8) Click on Finish 

9) Click on launch control 

10) it will open control panel by connecting with local or remote open DJ connection

11) once you connect the openDJ , you will see below screen 

12) Create a new group called mygroup inside dc=jignesh,dc=com DN

Your tree would be look like below :

you are done with OpenDJ LDAP server settings and you will have some set of data available in LDAP. 

Liferay Configurations :

In Liferay, it's very easy to configure and do integration with OpenDJ

Go to control panle >> Configuration >> Portal Setting >> LDAP

Create new LDAP server with below entries :

Server Name : OpenDJ
Default Values : Other Directory Server

Base Provider URL : ldap://
Base DN : dc=jignesh,dc=com
Principal : cn=Manager
Credentials : test
Test the LDAP connection which should be successfull

 Authentication Search Filter : @email_address@
Import Search Filter : (objectClass=inetOrgPerson)

User Mapping
Screen Name : uid
Email Address : mail
Password : userPassword
First Name : givenName
Last Name :sn
Full Name : cn
Job Title : title
Group : uniqueMember
Portrait : photo
Test the LDAP Users to check you able to see any users available or not.

Import Search Filter : (objectclass=groupOfUniqueNames)

Group Mapping 

Group Name : cn
Description : description
User : uniqueMember
Test LDAP group to see if any group is available or not


Users DN : ou=People,dc=jignesh,dc=com
User Default Object Classes : top,person,inetOrgPerson,organizationalPerson
Groups DN : ou=mygroup,dc=jignesh,dc=com
Group Default Object Classes : top,groupOfUniqueNames

Save all your confuguration to create LDAP server and then 
check mark 

Import / Export

you can also do all above settings through portal-ext.properties as well. but make sure if you decided to use portal-ext.propeties then don't do it with UI configurations.

Now restart the server and chec

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