25 July, 2014

Portlet Configuration Menu Customization

If you want to modify menus which comes under portlet configuration wrench icon http://localhost:8080/html/themes/classic/images/portlet/options.png then you may see below details.
Actually for each icons, its using cutome tags which is given below so you can add/modify this items here as per your requirement.

extended="<%= false %>"
showArrow="<%= false %>"
showWhenSingleIcon="<%= true %>"

<liferay-portlet:icon-refresh /> :  IconRefreshTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-portlet-css />  :  IconPortletCssTag.java

        <liferay-portlet:icon-configuration /> :  IconConfigurationTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-edit />   :  IconEditTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-edit-defaults />  : IconEditDefaultsTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-edit-guest />   :  IconEditGuestTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-export-import />  :  IconExportImportTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-help />  : IconHelpTag.java

<liferay-portlet:icon-print /> : IconPrintTag.java


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