30 May, 2012

Create simple plugin portlet (Liferay MVC )

This is very simple but will be useful to new developer and start with liferay development:

1) First of all setup you r liferay as shown in (Liferay Setup)
2) Now make ready deployment environment using below steps
    =>  Go to pligin-sdk package
    =>  Change or override build.properties with the help of your machine user name for e.g
    => build.jignesh.vachhani.properties. Please make sure dotn update existing build.properties just make
    => another copy with build.jignesh.vachhani.properties
 Now open build.<username>.properties  and set with below settings

    # Specify the paths to an unzipped Tomcat bundle.

## Auto Deploy

    # Plugins will be deployed to this directory. Make sure that Liferay is
    # also set to scan this directory.
Note:  you can check machine user name with "set" command in command prompt.

3) Now go to command prompt and run the command as show in below screenshot :

4) Now portlet(product-master1-portlet) has been created under  D:\Liferay_New\plugins-sdk\portlets\ folder

5) you can deploy this portlet using simple Ant deploy command (See below screenshot)

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