30 January, 2012

What is web portal

You may find many definitions of web portal but in very simple word :

A portal is a web portal.A web portal refers to a website that provides a broad array of resources and services, which typically include e-mail, forum, searching,and online shopping. Yahoo! was one of the first portals.

There are also web portals for enterprise use. These portals are called enterprise portals. An
enterprise portal provides content and collaboration for the employees of an enterprise. It is
set up as an intranet application. Liferay Portal is often customized into an enterprise portal.
Most content at a Liferay Portal site comes from its portlets. A Liferay Portal contains
portlets, as a window contains panes. A portlet is different from a pane, in that it consists of
text and images.
A portlet works like a servlet. A portal URL request to the application server will invoke one
or more portlets. The portlets run and produce HTML markup. Liferay Portal assembles the
HTML markup into an HTML file. It returns the HTML file to the requesting browser.

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