23 March, 2011

LDAP Attribute integration

Follow these steps:

1.Make ready your LDAP server with your fields with proper schema.

2.change portal-ext.properties ldap.user.mappings=screenName=cn\npassword=userPassword\nemailAddress=mail\nfirstName=givenName\nlastName=sn\njobTitle=title\nlocation=location\ndescription=description\npractice=practice\nphone=telephoneNumber\nbirthDate=birthDate\ndepartment=department\ncontactPerson=contactPersonName\nuserType=userType\ngroup=groupMembership\njoiningDate=joiningDate as per your requirement .
3.create your own service with these fields
4. call add method from your service into portalldaputil.java

and restart your server so it will automatically take fields from ldap and populate your table.

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