30 May, 2011

RSS feed in asset publisher

As we know we have RSS feed for message board,wiki,blogs in LR 5.2.X But don't have feed for asset publisher portlet.
I have implemented RSS feed for Asset publisher for LR 5.2.X .
If you want to know any further information regarding implementation just put a comment.

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JigneshThakkar said...

Gr8 Jignesh

But I just want that how you did that? If you explain in detail with pseudocode that will be more helpful


Dario said...


how did you manage that? it's exactly what i'm looking for!

Thanks, bye!

Fiso said...

Hi jignesh!

I would like how to do it.

Thanks you very much!.

jignesh vachhani said...

We need to make changes in friendly url mapper class and also need to change the logic of jsp page as well as RSS Util class.
If you need to develop this please let me know so i can help you.

Fiso said...

I saw some rules in urlwrite.xml for blogs rss and journal rss but not for tags rss. I thought that making changes in ext-enviroment I could achieve it, but I'm not allowed to use it.

Do you know if there is a way to add a rss feed for documents without using ext-enviroment?

Iván said...

Hi jignesh,

I´m just looking for that solution!

Can you please share it.

Best regards!

Roman Leontjevski said...

Can you share the solution of thet oroblem to me?